Want to enjoy Orgasm without your Partner: here is the Guide for you

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How to simulate a blowjob without a girl! This is the question of many men sex lovers and from this hidden desire only sex toy manufacturers has generated different sex toys for men. Sex toys for men who have everything and want more: These sex toys are the most satisfying and luxurious in the world. The stunning intensity through perfectly shaped design guarantees longer presence. These sex toys help improving sex life.

The most erotic toys for men are called duke, flame and cobra libre. Masturbators, cock rings, vibrators and co are very popular because the fantasies of the strong sex are diverse. Let’s find out how man comes up to scratch and more sinful secrets.

He just wants to play: Love toy for men

Men’s toys – these are no longer just fast cars, planes or boats. Also in terms of erotic toys, the men’s world so much is offered. But what is actually meant by the term “sex toys for men”? In principle, every sex toy is a tool for reducing natural sexual desire. Other toys that are not invasive, on the other hand, are for boosting sexual experience like the result you will get in using sex swings in different ways.

In the men’s so-called masturbators, penis rings and stimulators for the most intimate places are in high demand. With the variety of erotic toys like butt plugs for call girls, you can quickly lose the overview. Two, three hot favorites should be remembered.

Prostate stimulators – the P-spot

Man should definitely get to know the duke: a princely prostate stimulator for connoisseurs and connoisseurs of anal pleasures. In terms of “pinpoint” stimulation, men are in no way inferior to women. They have their own point. The massage of the male P-spot provides for erotic high-altitude flights with sufficient lubrication and sensitive skills an unforgettable experience.

Masturbators – a captivating pleasure experience

Cobra Libre – even when pronouncing the name, tingling scenes play in the head. This manly toy is the sex toy for the discerning man. When penetrating into the masturbator, the glands displaces soft silicone and, at the same time, becomes enticingly tight. Two powerful motors provide precise stimulation with pulsating vibrations below the sensitive glands.

Cock rings – Yes, I want!

A cock ring, also called cock ring, is a ring made of leather, latex, rubber, silicone, soft plastic or metal that is placed around the penis, glands or scrotum. The soft, elastic penis rings ensure a longer-lasting and harder erection. Although the mild congestion effect is not dangerous, the rings should not be worn for more than 20-30 minutes. At Bombshell, not only women get their money’s worth: in “Toys 4 Boys” department, men also find a large selection of sex toys. Masturbators, prostate stimulators, love dolls, penis extender – it serve every taste.

All items offered in the “Toys 4 Boys” section can be conveniently paid by invoice, provided that the total amount does not exceed CHF 200. In advance by bank transfer we grant a discount of 2 percent. Other payment options include PayPal, credit card (Visa / Master) and Post Finance. The items will be sent in a neutral package to the specified address. Choose among hundreds of high-quality men’s toys and get your items delivered discreetly home!

Varied range of penile rings

Cock rings have always been among the best-selling sex toys for men. There is simply no better and cheaper way than to make the “best friend” more size and steadfastness. Here you will find penis rings in all imaginable variants: made of metal or TPE, with or without vibrator function, classic round or crown-shaped – the choice is yours.

Especially interesting are cock ring sets, which are available in many different colors and designs. The rings are also partially to use for testicle lacing and give you an erection that can be seen. Whether with nubs or grooves: Cock rings from “Toys 4 Boys” department provide more endurance and a more intense cum shot.

The most popular masturbators from the Flesh light series

The Flesh light series from Pipedream has set new standards in the field of sex toys. Never before have there been masturbators where the stimulation feels so realistic. In “Toys 4 Boys” section, we present the most popular models from the worldwide popular Flesh light collection.

How about pushing a hot number with US porno goddess Stoya or getting Jessica Drake anal? These and other sexual dreams become reality with the purchase of a flesh light. The ultra-realistic “Real Feel Super Skin” material provides a masturbation experience that is almost addictive. When closed, a flesh light is reminiscent of a flashlight – no one asks you uncomfortable questions.

If you want to give your loved one a little pleasure, we have a special delicacy for him here: the Cobra of Fun Factory gets him on tour! This is ensured by two power-charged motors, which can be controlled separately from each other. A wide range of individually adjustable vibration possibilities makes for an incredible feeling, around 100 dollars.

It is probably no secret that men also need their toys: whether a beautiful car, the latest electronic gadgets or the model train in the basement – men’s toys are as varied and diverse as the men of creation itself and also in terms of sex toys. It does not look much different for men. In order to meet the sexual needs and erotic desires of the men’s world, we therefore have a wide range of great sex toys for men around the most beautiful thing in the world. With our sex toys for men man is guaranteed to get his money and certainly finds one or the other sex toy for own collection.

If you are looking for the perfect equipment for lonely hours and you like to spoil yourself with more than just your own hand, you should find what you are looking for in our sex toys for men. Masturbators, for example, make masturbation a very special experience. Designed as a realistic-looking pussy, mouth, butt or stylish, our sex toys for men made of soft skin-like material are always and everywhere available to make men’s dreams come true.

Insider tip: For all those who may be a little bit more and who do not want to settle for just one body part, this sex toy for men is the perfect choice. The sometimes very detailed dolls life size offer stimulating body openings, thick breasts with stiff nipples and realistic facial features with hair and are optionally available as a transsexual version with a large penis. Everyone will find the right sex toys for men!

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