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Sexual challenges are very common & also treatable with sex therapy.

We aren’t systematically taught how to cultivate and communicate in a healthy, romantic relationship. This leaves us stumbling around trying to scrape together what results in a deficient skill set, a faulty approach, loss of foreplay, and damaging interactions with our partner.

Your love life can be exponentially more fulfilling when you give it time and attention with a trained professional who will make your exploration and skill acquisition easier, focused, efficient, and effective.

How does sex therapy work?

We unblock and align your mind, emotions, body, and energy.

Mind: positive self talk and self image, confidence in performance, ability to fantasize

Emotions: express yourself in refreshing and rewarding ways, increase capacity for intimacy, discover unknowns about yourself

Body: understand your unique anatomy, what brings pleasure and what doesn’t, past sexual patterns and challenges

Energy: improve mood and well-being, relish this unique form of connection, intimacy provides a healthy release physiologically, mentally, and emotionally

* * *

As a male do you have:

  • Performance anxiety?
  • Concern about your size?
  • Premature or inhibited ejaculation?
  • A low level of desire for sexual activity?
  • Trouble getting and/or maintaining an erection?
  • A history of sexual abuse (as a victim and/or the perpetrator)?

As a female do you experience:

  • Low desire?
  • Pain during sex?
  • Inability to orgasm?
  • Trouble getting or staying aroused?
  • Trauma due to sexual abuse?
  • Desire to orgasm in more than one position?
  • Anxiety about performance and/or body image?

You may have other concerns related to sexuality…

  • Not feeling a strong connection with your partner
  • Sexual indiscretions (e.g. extramarital affairs, etc.)
  • Unsure of sexual orientation
  • Exploring a new sexuality (e.g. bisexuality, etc.)
  • How to safely carry out fantasies (e.g. avoid STDs, discomfort, etc.)
  • Sexual compulsions that are disruptive to your lifestyle, your relationships, or that are criticized by a partner (e.g. excessive masturbation, masturbation in lieu of sex with partner, pornography, strip clubs, kinks, etc.)
  • Sexual inclinations that are hindering enjoyable sex for you or your partner (e.g. sadomasochism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, pedophilia, etc.)

As we address your concerns you will notice your confidence improve dramatically and your partnership(s) become stronger and significantly more satisfying.

Sex therapy will provide you with knowledge and skills so that you have exhilarating and intoxicating sex that keeps you wanting more.

Sexual activity is a healthy and vital component to our personal well-being whether you pursue sexual desires alone or with another person. Sex is a stress reliever, a good workout, and releases ‘happy chemicals’ in your brain to improve mood. Shared intimacy is an opportunity to create a deep and satisfying connection with your partner.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship we can help you overcome obstacles that are inhibiting your gratification.

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